The core bussines of company are services for implementation and enhancements of information systems, especially software.

Most of our services are covered by long-term contracts with our customers, what is our preffered bussiness model. However, we can also act as subcontractors on short-term basis for part of some bigger projects, or sell our services using incident model. Our customers can pick from wide range of different services concerning IT issues, some of them are listed here.

Services and consultancy can vary from proposing methods and procedures to enhance existing software systems at customer sites, performing projects for new software systems, producing software, implementing software solutions, to performing implementation audits for solutions developed by third parties.

Existing technical knowledge covers also issues as different hardware architectures and administration of several types of operating systems.

Most valuable expirience is in knowledge of relational database systems implementation : producing data models, integration of rdbms in different bussiness and technology environments.

Specific knowledge :
Administration of operating systems in MS Windows and Unix families
Data modelling, administration and programming of SQL databases - Oracle
Project management, production and implementation of software solutions in Client / Server environments
Project management, production and implementation of software solutions form production companies based on MRP II concepts